Intro to Zoe: The Artist

Museum of Modern Art. New York, NY.  2002.

Dance by Henri Matisse.

My strawberry blonde hair, maryjane shoes, and a mind full of wonder had come upon what my 6 year old self had found to be an amazing work of inspiration. The quiet of the room, the empowering size of the canvas, and the simplicity of the piece itself; the environment couldn't have been more perfect for a young, developing, artistic brain.  One hand in my mother's  and my sketchbook in the other,  we had strolled over to the bench overlooking the canvas and took a seat to take it all in.  For a few moments, I sat in awe.  Pencil to paper, I drew the scene.  Dance by Henri Matisse interpreted by 6 year old Zoe Schwartz. Oddly enough,  I only remember a few moments of this day: our mother and daughter adventure to the Big Apple to peruse the MOMA. 

A piece with such Movement. Expression. Simplicity.

It was Henri Matisse's painting Dance and the bottle of Nestlé strawberry milk we got after the museum that distinctly stood out in my memory. And on that day, I developed a love of art.. as well as a major sweet tooth.

Well, I take that back. I’d like to think I was born with a passion to create.  I started painting/drawing when I was around 2 years old.  I’d like to make a shoutout to my mom who put a paintbrush in my hand before I could even fully articulate a sentence. (& for encouraging me to do what I love everyday) 🙂 I was a little artist with a mind full of happy thoughts and now am a not so little artist with the same mindset.

Growing up in such a creative setting, my talent was cultivated into something that came so naturally.  Part of who I shaped into as a person today.  I was given the tools I needed to keep creating no matter what.

From crayons to markers to clay, I loved it all. I think at one point my favorite subject was a cat. I used to draw cats like it was my job.  Cats painting, playing, dancing…you know the regular cat activities. (ha)

The afternoons I loved the most were those spent coloring with loved ones.  Family time mixed with and a box of crayola crayons meant endless possibilities. The way my grandpa drew inspired me so much. Effortless scenes of colorful farms, with happy families and happy animals.

I’m rambling a bit, but its these memories that make me want to keep creating. Anyways... over the years I lost the time to hone into my talent and let it slip away.  But my creative soul is back and ready to embark on a new artistic adventure!!

I will  also mention that  in the past I have been a complete perfectionist, which has been an obstacle in producing work and getting it out for the world to see.  I've made the decision to stop focusing on perfecting things but let them be unperfectly perfect. I think art should exist in any way, shape, or form- whether its on a paper napkin or a huge canvas.  Creation is a journey- with many different paths and obstacles that I believe will always lead to brilliance all in good time.

As beautiful as the world is now with its many wonders, amazing people, and brilliant artists all unique in their own way,  I yearn to make my mark- to open the eyes of others around me to a fantastic world of colorful creations that exist in my head and transform over time.

Very simply: As Chuck Close once said, "I am an artist; therefore I have to make art."

I am an artist, therefore I will make art.

So I shall. And that is all.

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