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Fields Of Gold

I have always found something so beautiful about fields hidden in the valleys between rolling hills.  And to my luck, Vermont is full of them- full of secret spots that always seem to catch my eye.  And this spot was perfect; Full of yellow dandelions dancing in the wind, scattered like stars and bright like the sun.

Getting out of the city for the weekend was just what I needed to clear my mind. The fresh air, the endless amount of green, and the time spent with loved ones all put a smile on my face.  And for that I am happy. Happy and grateful I have a home in the hills, surrounded by the golden fields of Vermont.   I’ll always have a spot in my heart for nostalgic places and memories like these.

These vibes call for a song I was instantly charmed by and though I did not see my older brother (haha) , the melody and tune are perfect for the setting and mood that I felt on this day- enjoy!!


Your Loving,

Zoe Schwartz