One of my favorite parts about spring are the flowers & I am super grateful that in such a concrete jungle, I can find pops of color radiating in the sunlight.   Something so simple can set a street apart from the hustle and bustle of the daily chaos. I love love love the little streets of the West Village especially.

Sunset Orange, Radiant Reds, Bright Yellow , Snowy White,  Baby Pink & grassy greens : A color palette of pure happiness.

I grew up in the woods of New Hampshire and was blessed to have access to my grandparents garden, and boy what a garden it was.. one of the best I’ve ever been in. Surrounded by rock walls built by my grandpa himself, it was full of every flower you could imagine.  And every year as the snow melted away, color would pop through. This always made me incredibly happy and ready to prance around barefoot in the spring sun.

Its comforting to find nostalgia in the small things, especially in a city so big.  So, Appreciate the daffodils. Appreciate the colors.  And most importantly, appreciate these little things in life.


Your Loving,

Zoe Rose