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Boardwalks and Buckethats

I am a child at heart and always will be.  I have a whole lot of excitement of the little things in life.  Still a sucker for ice cream and amusement parks, and dressing in bright colors.  And in the summer, my excitement of fun activities only heightens.  And in my opinion, a bucket hat just screams “fun”.  So does a watermelon bodysuit.. I enjoy feeling like a kid again every once in a while.  So, go grab a bucket hat and an ice cream cone and brace yourself for an awesome summer!! Can’t go wrong with some good ole Marshmello to set the summer mood aye?


Your Loving,

Zoe Schwartz


bodysuit: Forever 21

Skirt: Urban outfitters

Shoes: Vagabond

Hat: Forever 21

Shirt: Asos