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My name is Zoe Schwartz...

              I am a self-taught artist living and working in the East Village of New York City. I first picked up a brush when I was 2 years old as my parents encouraged creativity. Read more about it here. Drawing and painting became a significant part of my life as I was constantly eager to get lost in a wonderful world that only I could create. I continued to pursue art throughout my childhood and teenage years before enrolling at The University of New Hampshire and concentrating on Civil Engineering. Before graduating, I moved to New York in search of inspiration. The energy of the city imbued me wth a sense of purpose and I became immersed in my work.
           My new home is filled with the inevitable secrets to not only drive my artistic pursuit further, but to help shape my individuality as an artist. I find that the more I explore, the more I wonder and learn, the greater the passion for my craft  becomes.

          My purpose has and always will be to bring light into the world: to create, to wonder, to pique others' curiosity, and to better under the virtues of my life through the universal language of art.

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