My name is Zoe Rose Schwartz. I am a self-taught full time artist living in New York City. I first picked up a brush when I was 2 years old as my parents encouraged creativity. Drawing and painting became a significant part of my life as I was constantly eager to get lost in a wonderful world that only I could create. I continued to pursue art throughout my childhood and teenage years before enrolling at The University of New Hampshire and concentrating on Civil Engineering. Before graduating, I moved to New York in search of inspiration. The energy of the city imbued me with a sense of purpose and I became immersed in my work.

I work within the subject of portraiture. I have a variety of artistic styles using different mediums, but all in exploration of expression of the human face. Color is an important factor in my work and has become a way to express light and life.

My undying passion for my art and my love of discovery will continue to fuel my creativity. I hope to keep sharing my creations with the world, and show that through the universal language of art, we can be inspired, provoked, and connected.