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Books for Thought

I’ve always been extremely fascinated with the abundance of knowledge one can discover by simply opening the pages of a book.  Many of life’s secrets…...

A Country Longing and the Magic of Thinking Like DaVinci

A Country Longing and The Magic of Thinking Like Davinci I am extremely fascinated by stories.  Ever since I can remember, I longed to be…...

A New Found Love of Basquiat & the Beginning of a Grand Journey

Powerful expressions of inner angst, fused together by passionately bold strokes, Jean-Michele Basquiat’s works have an edge to them, that in my opinion emanates pure…...

On Banksy: Mastering the Art of Context with an Idea and a Wall

Banksy- the illusively legendary artist, with a voice so loud it echoes throughout streets around the world. One of my all time favorite street artists,…...

Intro to Zoe: The Artist

Museum of Modern Art. New York, NY.  2002. Dance by Henri Matisse. My strawberry blonde hair, maryjane shoes, and a mind full of wonder had…...

Discovering some favorites of the MOMA…again?

Curiosity.  A quality that plays a major role in my optimism; my openness to the world; my determination to learn about people and places and…...